Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Talk To Somebody Else, Man.

Bat Shit is proud to release the second single from THE LASTERS!

Last year In-The-Red was given full distribution to their debut EP featuring four songs of catchy KBD-feuled power-punk.

We asked for more and were given 4 new songs from their pissed-off platter of snot. 3 of which are found on this here single (another to be released on a 2x7" comp at the end of year).

The Lasters are only getting nastier. More dynamic than the previous outing, but still stripped down enough to provide that immediate satisfaction we all crave. Like that ugly girl that's really great in bed.
We went all out on the packaging with this one. Stealing pictures from the World Wide Web, manipulating them to our liking, then painfully hand-cut, glued and numbered each one for the 69 edition. The whole batch is available in an edition of 300 on black or gold vinyl. You decide.

Edition of 69: black or gold vinyl/transparent covers/alternate hand cut and pasted sleeve design with insert

8ppd U.S.
12ppd elsewhere

Regular Edition of 231: black or gold vinyl/alternate sleeve design with insert

6ppd U.S.
10ppd elsewhere

Available NOW!


Last year we went under the radar and released this split in collaboration with Classic Bar Music in an edition of 300. 69 special editions of which were for sale on the Bat Shit page and on tour from both bands. We quickly sold out, but managed to get a few back from the never-touring Guitar Magazine and they are available from us again now! Act fast, we only have a few. You can also get em' from Leaders this Sunday for their stint at Slabtown Bender.

Leaders provide us with 2 tracks of jaded-post-punk-synth onslaught as only they can deliver. We think these are their best songs yet!
Guitar Magazine follow up with two of their own tracks of filthy blues-punk drenched in fuzz and wah-wah recorded by Chet Weise of The Immortal Lee County Killers and The Quadrajets!
You can hear two tracks from the single on our page now!

Edition of 69 on color vinyl/transparent covers/alternate art

8ppd U.S.
12ppd elsewhere

Available NOW!

DISTRO NEWS: After a year and a half, our distro page is finally ready to order from. Lots of stuff that's already long GONE!

----------TO ORDER----------
Email and specify what items you want, what color vinyl you want and your address. We will email you back with the available items and a total.

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