Friday, August 13, 2010

Better For You...

After a long delay, Bat Shit is proud to bring you the new EP by Lawrence, Kansas' own FAG COP. This banger was supposed to come out in February along with the Negative Lifestyle EP, but pressing problems and different mastering jobs made this difficult to release on time. Hundreds of extra dollars later it's finally AVAILABLE NOW, on Friday the fucking 13th.

FAG COP is now EX-FAG COP. Who knows why. Who cares. Maybe it's the fact that these 4 tracks are louder and meaner than ever before; Or that one of these jams has a lady spewing slime into the microphone. Not very lady-like. There's plenty more hard, throbbing, fast action on this thing as you might have cum to expect from these recovering assholes.

Edition of 300 copies with 100 on white vinyl and 200 on black.

$8ppd USofA
$12ppd Elsewhere

Mail order/Tour ''Bizarro" editions of 69 with hand printed/cut/numbered sleeves on white vinyl.

$9ppd USofA
12ppd Elsewhere


EMAIL: and specify what items you want with your address.

300 press total (100 white, 200 black)

3 rejected test presses
6 approved test presses with standard BS test press sleeves
31 record release edition copies with hand-made sleeves on white vinyl
-10 yellow sleeves
-10 red sleeves
-10 cream sleeves
-1 sleeve cut/glued to itself
69 tour/mail order editions on white vinyl
200 standard editions on black vinyl

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